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The Magical, Must-Have Danish Dough Whisk

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If you’ve never used a dough whisk, you may think the title of this post is hyperbole. I swear it really isn’t. I’m so enamored with this kitchen gadget, which I didn’t even know existed until about a year ago, that I put one right up there in the site’s logo. My dough whisk has changed my baking world just as surely as realizing I can actually bake decent bread. They’re that amazing.

In fact, my very first post on the WildFlour Instagram account was about my dough whisk. What I didn’t explain properly in the caption was that the hypnotically thorough mixing pattern shown in the photo was just a result of me stirring the whisk in simple circles through the starter/oil mix.

Nothing will mix up your freshly fed starter as quickly as a dough whisk. Nothing will rinse clean afterward as easily as a dough whisk. Nothing will make you think a stand mixer is actually quite unnecessary for making bread like a dough whisk.

And the fun part is, they’re not even just good for bread dough. No no no. Try mixing pancake or cupcake batter with one, or mixing anything that is supposed to be “folded gently” into something else! I’ve always used a silicone spatula for that last one, and always felt “folded” was the wrong word for what I was trying to do. If you like to cook, get you a dough whisk!

You may think I’m being silly, but that’s just because you don’t yet have a dough whisk of your own. You should fix that.

First WildFlour post on Instagram, featuring my dough whisk's handiwork.

Everything Oxo makes is good. I’m sure the Good Grips Dough Whisk is no exception.
Or get two dough whisks with wood handles for the same price as the Oxo.

Note: I first saw these wonder gadgets called “Danish Dough Whisks,” and as I mentioned on Instagram, I wasn’t sure really how Danish they are. So, I finally got around to reading up on them more widely. Both epicurious and Cook’s Illustrated use the same name (with epicurious even helpfully providing their native name: “brodpisker”), so I’m satisfied they genuinely are Danish. Thank you immensely, Denmark. These things are aces.